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Cassie Steele

Cassie Steele - Mad Lyric Video

thought i should probably let you all know that the only reason i haven’t added more recent news/updates to is because i legit forgot my login info :x

i’m a terrible human


Cassie Steele-Power

so apparently cassie played another new song called ‘power’??? I’m so tempted to listen to it but I already know 6 of her new songs and I don’t want to know all of them by the time her album comes out….

trying to restrain myself is so difficult rn 


I want you #cassiesteele

Cassie Steele - Mad Lyric Video

Bowery Electric NYC


Come out tonight to the Bowery Electric! I’ll be playing a few songs acoustic, 7pm!
(21+ …sincerely sorry to everyone underage, all ages show soon!)
Also, it’s free. So fucking come out.